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Solar power is not only an eco-friendly energy source, but also economically attractive for investors and private house owners.

EcoEco OY has longtime experience in photovoltaic engineering. We provide solar energy systems, components, as well as system design and installation services. Our partners are an international manufacturer, wholesaler and certified installation company network. Our aim is to provide custom built, qualitative solutions for on and off-grid systems.

Since 2011 EcoEco Oy is developing a unique and patented method for a high-efficient system controller used for energy harvesting including photovoltaics.

Measurements, visualization and data logging

For larger scale solar systems expertise is needed. But also smaller systems on buildings and homes need measurements to calculate the possible energy production. Shading analysis and calculations on energy yields help to find the best solution and help to make decisions.

Also graphical visualizations create a stronger picture of your project. We do also offer different data logging systems to control and monitor your system. Contact our team for more information.


Shading analysis


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